JCH Angel of Shadows sa Delta Peka

Father: CH Malirione Ganster Tripping
Mother: CH Lab United Color Golden Glory

Born 08.04.2017


HD-A; ED-0

Malirione Ganster Tripping Jr Ch. Dancing Dreamweaver v.d Weeward Hunt Club Clayview Supernova At Belquest
Jr.Ch. Udercover Secret Lady v.d Weeward
Devonshires American Edition Devonshires Limited Edition
Devonshires French Twist
Lab United Color Golden Glory Friendly Greeting of Bohemia Bras Tad Tattletale of Bohemia Bras
Chaste girl of Bohemia Bras
Maleville Zafira Trendmakers make you wish
Ramsayville Relight my fire