Breed by us

A Litter:

Chablasi Lamanis X Horta The House of Master River

  • Attractive and Beautiful South Lamanis
  • Another Champion South Lamanis
  • Away from Home South Lamanis
  • Always Perfect South Lamanis


B Litter:

Hunter De L’Tang Balancet X Tequila Sweet Star Royal Standard

  • Black Mamba South Lamanis
  • BB King South Lamanis
  • Boy for Vidikovac South lamanis
  • Betty Boop South Lamanis
  • Best of best South Lamanis
  • Barbie South Lamanis
  • Bye Bye South Lamanis


C litter

Chablais Lamanis X Horta The House of Master Riever

  • Charlie Brown South Lamanis


D litter

Chablais Lamanis X Tequila Sweet Star Royal Standard

  • Dakota South Lamanis
  • Dolce Vita South Lamanis
  • Dirty Dancing South lamanis
  • Dee Dee South lamanis
  • Dream lover South Lamanis
  • Daddy Cool South Lamanis

E Litter:

Tequila Sweet Star Royal Standard X Brairwoods one in a million

Male puppies:
-Exellent South Lamanis
-Enjoy South Lamanis
-Energy South Lamanis
-Emergency South Lamanis

Female puppies:
-Exotic South Lamanis
-Europe South Lamanis
-Exclusive South Lamnis
-Extreme South Lamnis

‘F’ Litter

Bournhall’s on the waterfront X Super Star Sun in their eyes

– Falcone South Lamanis;
– Fernando South Lamanis;
– Florenzo South Lamanis;
– Faraon Sout Lamanis;
– Franco South Lamanis;
– Fabio South Lamanis;

– Felizia South Lamanis;
– Fashionable South Lamanis;
– Fiorena South Lamanis;
– Fantasy South lamanis;
– Florentina South Lamanis


‘G’ Litter

Big Sky’s Remington X Kuba Black Beaty


– Gipsy King South Lamanis

– Gangam Style South Lamanis

– Gentleman in Black South Lamanis


– Grace Mary South Lamnis

– Gucci girl South Lamnis

– Graceful Lady South Lamanis


‘H’ Litter

Dancin Dreamweaver V. D Weeward X Super Star Sun in their eyes

Male (black):
Hugo South Lamanis;
Hunter South Lmanis;
Hobbit South Lamanis;
Hofman South Lamanis;
Happy South Lamanis;

Male (yellow) 
Heartbreaker South Lamanis;
Hip Hop South Lamnis;

Female (yellow)
Halle Berry South Lamanis;
Hillary South Lamanis;

Female (black)
Hot babby South Lamanis.


‘I’ Litter

VICE JWW Loretta D’ Franco ACT OF ULTIMATE TRUST X CH Felizia South Lamanis

Black male: 
Imperator South Lamanis ;
Black female: 
Instant Replay South Lamnis;
Infinite play South Lamnis;
Iron Lady South Lamnis;
Imerial girl South Lamnis; 
Ideally Positive South Lamnis; 
Internacional Iris South Lamnis;
Indiana South Lamanis.

‘J’ Litter

CH Hip Hop South Lamanis X CH Kowalski Blasa

Yellow male

Kosta South Lamanis

Kung Fu South Lamanis

King Kong South Lamanis

King Artur South Lamanis